• Hakui [ necessities ]

    Hakue or byakue (白衣), literally white gear. It is the white jacket of Shikoku pilgrim (Henro). There is some with short sleeved or even sleeveless. (more…)
  • Nōkyō-chō [ necessities, pilgrimage ]

    The nōkyōchō ((納 経 帳)) is a notebook that is presented to each of the 88 Shikoku pilgrimage temples to collect stamps and calligraphy at the Nōkyō-shō. It is usually bought at the first temple, there are different sizes and shapes.
  • Rōsoku [ necessities ]
  • Zudabukuro [ necessities ]

    Zuda-bukuro (頭陀 袋) is a small white bag that is used to store all the small items needed for pilgrimage such as: incense, candles, samefuda, Nōkyō-chō (stamps book) (more…)