The temples of Shikoku

The 88 temples of Shikoku

The Shikoku pilgrimage is made up of 88 main temples spread over the four prefectures of the island:

  • Tokushima old province of Awa : Le chemin de l’éveil.
  • Kochi old province of Tosa : Le chemin de l’ascèse
  • Ehime old province of Iyo : Le chemin de l’illumination
  • Kagawa old province of Sanuki : Le chemin du nirvana

Without going into detail, the pilgrimage is generally done (It’s not an obligation) in a clockwise direction from the Ryōzen-ji Temple 1 in Tokushima Prefecture to Temple 88 Ōkubo-ji in the Kagawa Prefecture. Then to finish the loop, the pilgrim (henro or aruki henro, the walking pilgrim) go again to the temple No. 1.

On these pages, you will find all the information about the 88 temples of Shikoku pilgrimage.

All information about the temples of Shikoku in the following pages: 

Temple de Kochi sur le pèlerinage de Shikoku Henro Michi

Temples Kōchi

The prefecture of Kochi, formerly Tosa Province (pronouncing Tossa) represents the path of asceticism. It is the most feared prefecture of walking pilgrims (aruki henro) during the Shikoku pilgrimage. Indeed if it has few temples, it is the longest to go.

Kagawa Ken pèlerinage de Shikoku Henro michi

Temples Kagawa

Kagawa Prefecture, formerly Sanuki Province, is the smallest of all prefectures in Japan. Following the Shikoku pilgrims route, there are 23 temples (numbers 66-88) from the list of 88 temples of the Shikoku pilgrimage that mark this route. Above all, in Kagawa Prefecture there is the Temple 75, Zentsuji, one of the most important of …

henro michi - Ehime-ken

Temples Ehime

in Ehime Prefecture (formerly Iyo Province) 25 temples are located, including Yokomine-ji, which is known for its difficult access.