• Henro [ pilgrimage ]

    Henro (遍 路) refers to the pilgrim who travels along the path of the 88 temples in Shikoku but the term henro is also used to designate the Shikoku pilgrimage in abbreviation of Henro michi.
  • Henro Goya [ accomodation, pilgrimage ]

    Henro Goya 遍路小屋
    Huts built by local authorities to allow shikoku pilgrims to rest. Some aruki henro spend the night in a very basic comfort. These are often shelters composed simply of a roof and a bench.
  • Henro korogashi [ pilgrimage ]

    Henro*korogashi (遍路ころがし) are very difficult passages encountered during the Shikoku pilgrimage. henro korogashi means “Place where pilgrims fall over”. You can find Henro-korogashi on the path to the temples : 12, 20, 21, 27, 60, 66, 81 et 82.
  • Henro michi [ pilgrimage ]

    Henro michi (遍 路 道) is the pilgrim’s trail in Shikoku. Often the pilgrimage of Shikou is simply referred to by this term. But it is also the “way” of the pilgrim, in a sense a little more spiritual.