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Shikoku pilgrimage temples maps

Image de la carte des 88 temples du pèlerinage de Shikoku Henro michi

Interactive map of the Shikoku pilgrimage (Henro Michi) presenting the 88 main temples of the pilgrimage. This map provides an overview of the provinces of Shikoku traveled during the pilgrimage (henro michi).

Hachiju hachi kasho what’s that?

Shikoku Hachiju hachi kasho carte du pèlerinage des 88 temples

It is the short name that the Japanese give to the Shikoku pilgrimage (the great island in front of Hiroshima). The main route is composed of 88 temples. Hachiju hachi kasho (八八ヶ所) in Japanese means 88 places. Indeed it is a spiritual (and for Buddhists) trip, linking 88 main temples of Shikoku Island to the …

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Shikoku introduction

Paysages ruraux de shikou

Japan is made up of 4 Big Islands: Hokkaido in the north (Sapporo) Honshu, the main island where is located Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or Hiroshima Shikoku, the smallest of the 4 main islands of Japan. Located in west of the main island, It is a place still very rural, separated from Honsu by the Inland …

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