Shikoku pilgrimage where to sleep?

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    • charlotte on 12 January 2020 at 14 h 01 min
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    My strategy is to first get a hotel for two nights or so in a Shikoku major city right next to the bus/train system
    and go out each day to the farthest temple of the day by bus or train and walk back into the city.
    Secondly for more distant temples I either stay at the temple (if they have rooms–usually these
    reservations need to be made in Japanese) or a hotel by a nearby train station.
    Thirdly return to major city and to base hotel and do walks not completed to any other close temples.
    Did this Tokushima and Kochi. Still have to walk Matsuyama and Takamatsu areas
    The advantage is my heavy luggage stays during my entire trip at the base hotel (they keep your lugguage between
    stays) I am walking with only one change of clothing and extra shoes—I hate to be dirty and I hate to carry
    things of any weight when I walk. My years of backpacking in the Himalayas are long over.
    I walk all the shorter distances between temples–but if over 20 km–use bus or train.
    Walked 150Km in Tokushima area and 160Km in Kochi area in a week (Kochi seems most spread out).
    I live in Japan–so am doing the pilgrimage in four different trips.

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