• Bekkaku [ buddhism, pilgrimage, temples ]

    A Bekkaku (別格) temple is a temple that is not part of the principal road of the 88 shikoku pilgrimage temples but has a relative importance with the monk Kukai, the founder of the pilgrimage. (more…)
  • Benzaiten [ buddhism ]

    Benzaiten or Benten (弁 財 天) is a Japanese Buddhist deity who originated from the Hindu deity Sarasvati (サ ラ ス ヴ ァ テ ィ ー). (more…)
  • Bonnō [ buddhism ]

    Bonnō (煩悩) the 108 bonnō are the 108 desires that bind man to this world and prevent him from being happy. The misfortune comes from the attachment to the material things of this world as well as our bad thoughts. Whoever manages to free himself from these 108 bonnō will become free and enlightened
  • Bosatsu [ buddhism ]

    Bosatsu (菩薩) or bodhisattva in Sanskrit is one who is close to the awakening, the state of Buddha. The bosatsu instead of becoming Buddha helps those who suffer in this world. (more…)
  • Bussokuseki [ buddhism ]

    Bussokuseki (仏 足 石) are Footprints of Buddhas carved in stone. They are used during rituals. (more…)