• Settai [ pilgrimage ]

    Settai (接待) or more exactly O-settai  means "reception, welcome". During Shikoku pilgrimage, O-settaie are the gifts, or sometimes money, that pilgrims receive on their way to 88 temples. (more…)
  • Shingon [ buddhism, pilgrimage ]

    The Shingon Buddhist School (真言 宗, Shingon-shū) is one of the major currents of Buddhism in Japan. Shingon is the Japanese reading of the Chinese word 真言, translation of the Sanskrit word mantra (incantations). 真 means truth and 言 word. (more…)
  • Shukubō [ accomodation, pilgrimage, temples ]

    Shukubō (宿坊) are ryokan-style pay rooms made available by a temple. This style of accommodation is developed under the Heian era. It is the ancestor of the ryokan. (more…)